These are the hand luggage that airlines allow you to take on the plane for free

These are the hand luggage that airlines allow you to take on the plane for free

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The economy, marked by inflation and rising prices, is not to spend more. You have to look for savings in each purchase and action, everything to reach the end of the month without seeing the bank account in the red. This also applies to those people who have been able to go on vacation this summer, who must calculate everything to the millimeter. That’s where he comes in hand luggage that some airlines allow get on the plane for free as long as their standards are met.

It is an important notice. If the measures and weights established by the companies are exceeded, it would be necessary to pay an extra supplement. An additional expense that can take money away from the budget set to enjoy the trip. How to avoid it? Knowing in advance the policies of the airlines. For this reason, we have compiled the demands of the main ones: Ryanair, Iberia, Vueling… Everything is to avoid an unfortunate outlay.

Measurements and weights of the suitcases of the main airlines

Certainly, the charge that some airlines maintain for carrying a 10 kilo carry-on suitcase, the typical one that is placed in the cabin, is illegal. This has been established by several court rulings, alleging that it is a “abusive clause”. However, they still require this supplement in practice.

This was recently reported by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU)in an interview for La Sexta, where they explained that, in this situation, those affected should pay the supplement and, later, claim. In any case, if you do not want to make any payment for carrying your cabin suitcase, it is advisable to know what the Measures and weights of the major airlines. This is the hand luggage that allows you to carry each one for free.


The Irish company does not allow you to travel in the cabin with a small suitcase of 10 kilos (54x40x20 cm), forcing you to pay for it. this supplement part of the 6 euros, depending on the kilos that exceed the limit. The only luggage they allow you to carry free of charge is to upload a small piece of luggage that can be placed under the seat, with measurements of 40x20x25cm.


The hand luggage is free, although it cannot exceed 10 kilos if traveling in Tourist or Premium Tourist. As for the measurements, they must be a maximum of 56x40x25 cm, and must be placed in the upper compartments. Like the rest of the companies, they allow you to carry a personal accessory with dimensions that cannot exceed 40x30x15 cm, which must fit under the front seat.


Similar to Ryanair, from this airline You can only carry one handbag for freeor 40x20x30 cm. As in the previous two, free access is allowed for shopping bags made in airport stores, as long as they do not protrude from the seat. If these measures are exceeded, a supplement of 30 euros must be paid at the check-in counter or 40 euros at the boarding gate (with the basic rate).

Air Europe

Allow, for freewear one cabin bag and one personal accessory. In the first case, hand luggage cannot exceed 56x40x25 cm (it is located in the overhead compartments). Regarding the personal accessory, such as a bag or a backpack, they allow maximum dimensions of 40x30x15 cm, which is located under the front seat.

air France

In the most basic fare, Economy, they allow you to take a piece of luggage and an accessory, which cannot exceed a total (adding both) of 12 kilos. For hand luggage, maximum dimensions of 55x35x25 centimeters are allowed, while personal luggage cannot exceed 40x30x15 cm.


For economy class, the cheapest tickets, one hand luggage of, at most, 55x38x20 cm. The weight, in addition, cannot exceed 7 kilos. In case it is a Premium Tourist, the weight could reach up to 10 kilos.

British Airways

This airline allows you to take a personal access 40x30x15 cm, with a maximum weight of 23 kilos and a cabin bag not exceeding 56x45x25 centimeters, also a maximum of 23 kilos. One important thing to keep in mind is that bags or items purchased at airport stores are included in this weight.


If you travel with the cheapest fare, LowFare, you are only allowed to carry one bag or backpack under the seat, with measures not exceeding 30x20x38 cm. To carry a free cabin bag, you have to contract the LowFare+ or Flex fare, the next cheapest, which in addition to the personal accessory include a piece of luggage 55x40x23 cm, although between the two you cannot exceed 10 kilos.

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