DIA sells 235 supermarkets and two logistics warehouses located in Villanubla to Alcampo

DIA sells 235 supermarkets and two logistics warehouses located in Villanubla to Alcampo

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DIA logistics center, located in Villanubla. / Carlos Thick

The integration operation in which 3,600 workers will change companies will culminate in 2023

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THE NORTH Valladolid

The DIA supermarket chain has signed, together with its subsidiaries DIA Retail Spain and Grupo El Árbol, the sale to Alcampo of a portfolio of up to a maximum of 235 supermarkets, two logistics warehouses located in Villanubla, with 180 workers, and certain contracts, licenses, assets and employees related to said establishments and logistics warehouses.

The price of the operation, which will be paid entirely in cash, may vary depending, among other parameters, on the total number of assets finally transferred, as reported by the group to the National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

DIA expects to allocate the resources obtained to accelerate the implementation of its strategic plan by completing the process of remodeling the proximity stores of its current network, as well as accelerating new openings within this same format.

The consummation of the operation is subject to the fulfillment or waiver, as these are regulated in the contract, of the following conditions precedent on or before April 15, 2023: obtaining by the buyer authorization to control concentrations by the European Commission and/or the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), obtainment by the sellers of authorization by the financial entities of the syndicated financing of the company for the operation, and transferability of a certain number of stores variable depending on various parameters.

DIA has stated that it does not expect negative accounting impacts on its consolidated income statement arising from the operation, while indicating that it will report in due course on the fulfillment of the conditions precedent, as well as the final price of the operation and the destination of the funds obtained once the execution of the same has been concluded.

Santander CIB has been advisor to the M&A of Grupo Día, jointly with BBVA, while the legal advisors of the operation have been, on behalf of Grupo DIA, Pérez-Llorca, and on behalf of Alcampo, Cuatrecasas, as reported to Europa Press in sources familiar with the operation.

CC.OO. will require “full guarantees” for the 3,600 employees who will go from DIA to Alcampo

CC.OO. has indicated, through a statement, that it will require “full labor guarantees” for the 3,600 employees who will go from Dia to Alcampo, after the announcement this Tuesday by both companies of the sale of 235 supermarkets and two logistics warehouses located in Villanubla .

Specifically, the union has stressed that, if this agreement is concluded, which is still subject to the approval of the competition authorities, in addition to other aspects to be fulfilled before April 15, 2023, it will mean the integration in Alcampo of 235 stores, in addition to of a warehouse and six buildings, affecting a total of 3,600 workers currently at Dia, who will become part of the Alcampo workforce.

“We understand that this corporate operation seems to have a business logic from the perspective of both the sizing of Grupo Dia and the expansion of the proximity format by Alcampo, and we will focus our claims on demanding express guarantees of maintenance of employment and working conditions for these 3,600 people, through the signing with the legal representation of the workers of a labor integration agreement, ”said the union.

This operation will affect a total of 235 stores that are distributed in Madrid, Aragón, Galicia, Asturias, Castilla y León, Navarra, Cantabria, Euskadi and the Villanubla platform.

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