Handball World Cup 2023|  Spain begins its journey with a victory against Montenegro (30-25)

Handball World Cup 2023| Spain begins its journey with a victory against Montenegro (30-25)

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Spain He meets the pools in his World Cup debut. The ‘Hispanics’ won without going through too much trouble (30-25) to a combative Montenegro at the beginning of the clash and also in the first minutes of the second half. odriozola with six goalsBrothers dujshebaev with four goals and a 36% Perez de Vargas with 14/39 stops, were the architects of a victory that could not be escaped against an inferior team, but that had its weapons to stand up and did so.

a great simic (20/50 stops) and vujovic with seven pointssupported the Balkan team at the beginning of both halves, but where the offensive and defensive quality of a team that began its World Cup journey with an important victory finally prevailed.

A victory that allows the Spanish team, current runner-up in Europe, to put foot and a half in the second phase of the tournamentgiven the a priori clear superiority of Jordi Ribera’s men over Chile and Iran, the other two members of group A.

Perez de Vargas and Figueras uneven the first half

The duel began with a very effective Montenegro in attack and, above all, too comfortable on the Spanish defense. two goals of vujovic in the first minutes (1-3) they hinted at the security and strength of the Balkan attack on the defense of six of the ‘Hispanics’. Perez de Vargas put equality on the scoreboard (4-4) at six minutes with a shot from his goal taking advantage of the slow withdrawal of Montenegro and with his right foot he took another great shot from vujovic.

With several missed attacks by both teams, the Spanish team was going to take the lead for the first time after nine minutes with a shot from Dani Dujshebaev taking advantage of its exquisite foreign release. Time passed and equality was maximum after twelve minutes (6-6) of the game and with Pérez de Vargas showing off his reflexes in the face of the continuous attacks from Vujovic and Grbovic.

Two minutes and seven meters with one down on the scoreboard against Spain (6-7), they brought out the best of Ribera’s pupils with five saves from the Blaugrana goal, a hammer from garciandia and the amount of Figueras to turn the light (8-7) in the middle of the first half.

The ‘Hispanics’ took a run and positioned themselves (10-7) three above with a defensive clarity that had not made an appearance until now in the Tauron Arena from Krakow. odriozola scored (12-9) with six remaining for the end of the first round and Alex Dujshebaev put land in the middle with a rent of four (13-9) with a signature lash.

The Ribera’s rotations were working in the first part with zero minutes for Guardiola and a few seconds to makeup who suffered a two-minute suspension as soon as he entered the bluish parquet. vujovic accelerated in the final moments with two goals (14-12) and keeping alive a Montenegro that was diluting with the passage of time with a rocky defense of six Spanish.

The Spanish coach called a timeout in the last attacking play and the Hispanics went to the locker room with a three lead in the electronic (15-12) with Figueras and Alex Fernandez as the most prominent in the scoring aspect (3) and with a Gonzalo Perez de Vargas immeasurable with a 43% stops.

Five goals in numerical superiority for the double World Cup champion and only one for the Balkans revealed Montenegro’s lack of defensive forcefulness in the first half, but with everything to be decided in the second.

Spain stops Montenegro and raises the level

The selection went out onto the track with the same ‘fuck’ as in the first half and Bujovicwith six points Until then, he cut differences (16-14) before the losses of Odriozola and Alex Dujshebaev. However, the reappearance of makeup He gave Spain a plus (20-17) supporting the team with two shots into the back of the net.

The percentage of Perez de Vargas it went down in the ten minutes played in the second round (25%) and Montenegro was approaching again (21-19) with a great Grbovic in penetration. Peciña put Hispanics outnumbered, but she appeared out of nowhere odriozola to regain possession being one of the most prominent with the omnipresence as a qualifying adjective.

simicMontenegrin goalkeeper, took advantage of the offensive losses (24-22) to become a scorer twice, although Tarrafeta hit the table with two consecutive penetrations that increased the score again (25-23) with ten remaining for the end of the Spanish debut in Poland.

The Balkan team repeated the same mistakes as in the initial 30 and two goals from Odriozola (27-23) they calmed any hint of a comeback. the third of tarrafeta (28-24) in his private account and the subsequent fierce defense of Bozovic they ended up killing a more difficult game than what the final score counted (30-25). Montenegro lowered his arms and odriozola He put the thirtieth Spanish goal to close Spain’s World Cup debut.

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