Castellanos shines in his debut against Andorra

Castellanos shines in his debut against Andorra

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07/27/2022 at 21:49


The Argentine makes his debut with a goal and shows great details in his first game as a rojiblanco against Sarabia’s team

Ramón Terrats opened the can taking advantage of an error in Andorra’s ball exit and ‘Taty’ sentenced in the second half

Girona beat Andorra this afternoon at La Vinya (2-0) in the third preseason game in a game that has served to see the premiere of Castellanos and Couto. The Argentine striker was the star of a friendly that went in favor of Míchel’s men thanks to a goal from him and another from Terrats.





Juan Carlos; Arnau, Valery, Juanpe, Bueno, Monjonell, Terrats, Aleix Garcia, Stuani, Samu Saiz and Ureña. Couto, Ortolá, Castellanos, Artero, Roca, Almansa, Farrés, Víctor, Comas and Sala also played.


Lizoain; Casadesús, Vilà, Pastor, Alende, Aguado, Héctor Hevel, Vergés, Carlos Martínez, Sergio Molina and Berto. Vidal, Marc Fernández, Vilanova, Bover, Manu Nieto, Altimira, Orellana, Bomba, Gil and David Martí also played.


1-0 M. 7 Terrats. 2-0 M. 65 Castilians.


Brull Acerete (Catalan). TA: Alende.


The Vine. Behind closed doors.

Castellanos came on in the second half and unblocked a game that was choking Girona. A somewhat forced header was the Argentine’s first warning, who in the second did not forgive and beat Lizoain with a shot from a angle from outside the area that surprised the goalkeeper.

The ‘Taty’ has not stopped and has continued looking for the goal with another header and a shot from the spur that have gone just wide. They have not entered, but Girona, apart from winning the first game of the summer, has seen a small sample of what the new ‘killer’ of the team can be.

The game started open and with the team looking for a goal. Between Terrats and Stuani they forced Lizoain’s error and the Barcelonan opened the scoringr. From there, Andorra took a step forward and Girona lost control of possession.

However, in defense, he did not suffer. Aleix Garcia, from a free kick, was able to extend the leadbut we had to wait for the restart for the debutant Castellanos to sentence.

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