Sarasola remains in charge of Room Mate after the bankruptcy

Sarasola remains in charge of Room Mate after the bankruptcy

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  • The new owners of the hotel are studying the creation of a five-star brand

The new owners of the Room Mate hotel, Angelo Gordon and Westmont Hospitality Group, maintain confidence in Kike Sarasola and have appointed him executive president of the new room mate after the bankruptcy.

Sarasola explained at a press conference that the company’s strategic plan in its new phase is focused to the growth and expansion of the brand, both in hotels and in apartments or hostels throughout Europe. “Everything that comes we will study it”, he has influenced her.

The executive president of Room Mate has stressed that he is “happy” that the new partners “They are also real estate agents, who want to buy brick,” something that would not have been possible in the previous stage, and alludes to the fact that the priorities of the new owners are “First buy, then management and then rent. We consider everything.”

Among all that is being raised, Sarasola has pointed out that are studying the creation of a five-star brand, a sector that is “on the rise”, as well as “some good opportunity on the beach”.

In this sense, highlighted that quality in Spain has risen, with an increase of 25% in the average price.

At this time, as he explained, Several negotiations are already open to expand the Room Mate portfolio, amounting to 22 hotels and eleven apartment buildings in six countries, mainly in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.


Sarasola has evaded making forecasts alleging that the ‘last minute’ is very strong in the hotel sector after the pandemic, Therefore, it is only possible to make projections in the short term.

However, he stressed that 2022 has been a good year, “similar to 2019” and he hopes that the first half of 2023 will be positive, taking into account the results of January, although it manifests uncertainty for the second half.

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The manager has indicated that “very soon they will come to have benefits” after having debugged “all the systems”.

Last July 2022, Madrid Commercial Court No. 14 approved the sale of Room Mate to Angelo Gordon and Westmont Hospitality Group. angelo gordon is an alternative investment fund focused on real estate and credit strategies. For its part, Westmont Hospitality Group is a private organization that currently has a portfolio of more than 500 hotels in the United States, Europe, Africa and Asia.

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