Anal itching?  Check here its causes and best remedies

Anal itching? Check here its causes and best remedies

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The anal itching it is a taboo subject that makes many patients suffer in silence and do not come to the clinic until an infection has occurred or the symptoms become unbearable. Therefore, we leave you an analysis of the possible causes that may be behind the itching along with some home remedies that will help before specifying the medical appointment.

Causes of itchy anus

  • earthworms In clinical terms, we speak of Oxiuriasis to refer to the parasitic disease by which tiny white worms appear that colonize the intestinal tract. The cause of the itching is that the female worms descend to the human rectum at night and lay their eggs there. For this reason, the itching is usually accentuated in the evening.
  • anal fissure: these are slight tears in the rectal area that may be manifesting in the form of itching and discomfort.
  • Hemorrhoids: it is a swelling of the veins of the anus that can cause lumps on the outside and inside of it. Although they are more associated with a sensation of pain, itching can also appear.
  • Diarrhea either fecal incontinence: due to a continuous deposition of feces, the anal area can become irritated and cause uncomfortable anal itching.
  • Infection: one of the possible causes of anal itching is that a dermatological or other infection has already occurred, so if it is persistent itching, it is a good idea to go to the doctor.

Home remedies

Although the doctor will be the one who diagnoses and decides the best medical solution, there are some methods that can be applied to soothe itching.

The most important thing is to avoid scratching, as it could further irritate the area and make it dirty, aggravating discomfort and increasing the chances of infection. For this reason, the tips will be aimed at keeping the area clean and dry. It is important to be patient and incorporate them into the routine so that they produce their effect.

  • Cutting the nails Y handwashing It will be the first step to avoid increasing itching symptoms. Instead, we can apply a cold gauze or a comforting cream over the counter at the pharmacy to the area. We can ask the pharmacist to recommend a cream with cortisone, an ingredient that will help reduce itching.
  • Wear loose cotton clothingsince tight clothing maintains favorable humidity for the habitat of parasites.
  • give showers frequent with warm water Y intimate hygiene soap. No strong soaps or perfumes or scented wipes.
  • Care after defecation: the area must be thoroughly cleaned but without rubbing excessively, as it would reactivate the itching. For greater softness, it is advisable to use cotton cloths or the coldest and weakest level of the dryer. It is important not to finish drying until there is no moisture left.
  • In case of infection, it is recommended go to the doctor to prescribe an oral antihistamine

Be careful with food

Feeding can take two directions depending on the type of stool. In case of soft stools or diarrhea, it is best to follow a low fiber diet, in fats and without irritants. The best options include white flour cereals and pasta, rice or boiled potatoes, because the presence of starch in these foods favors the recovery of density in the stool.

These are some possible causes and treatments of anal itching

If, on the other hand, the stools are hard, there is a danger of get constipated and make overexertion harmful to health. If this is the case, the diet should go in the opposite direction and go for high-fiber products, such as fruits, vegetables and legumes.

In both cases, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of coffee, alcohol and very destabilizing foods, such as acidic or spicy foods.

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