Spain draws against France and will face Sweden in the semifinals

Spain draws against France and will face Sweden in the semifinals

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07/03/2022 at 23:45


Pedro López’s pupils did not find a prize for their greatest ambition against the galas

Although the tie ensured the first place, the victory was never given up

The Spanish women’s under-19 team closed the first phase of the European Championship in the Czech Republic as the outstanding leader of group Aafter drawing this Sunday 1-1 with France, the current continental champion, in a match in which Pedro López’s men did not find a prize for their greatest ambition.





Marquis; Vairon (Haelewyn, 88′), Rastocle, Sevenne, Fontaine; Yetna (Kbida, 68′), Neller, Coquet (Benyahia, 88′); Binate, Ribadeira and Bahlouli.


Jana; Martina, Valle (Ona, 82′), Lloris, Medina (Mingueza, 75′); Zubieta (Esther, 75′); Elexpuru, Julia Bartel, Fiamma; Mirari (Ornella, 82′) and Carmen (Lucía, 88′).


0-1 M. 29 Lloris. 1-1 M. 30 Bahlouli.


Catarina Campos (BY). Showed yellow card to Vairon for France; and to Medina, Zubieta and Mirari for Spain.


Match corresponding to the third and final day of group A of the U19 European Women’s Championship played at the Bazaly stadium in Ostrava (Czech Republic).

A circumstance that did not prevent Spain from adding the point he needed to achieve first place in the groupwhich will allow him to face next Wednesday with the second classified of group B, Sweden, that this Sunday fell 1-0 against Norway, leader of that key and that the same day will be the rival of France for a place in the final .

With the qualification for the semifinals assured, the Spanish coach Pedro López did not hesitate to revolutionize the starting eleven with the presence of up to six new players in relation to the team that thrashed the Czech Republic 0-5 last Thursday.

Rotations that weighed down the game by bands that gave such good results against the Central European team. Neither Ane Elexpuru nor Andrea Medina, two full-backs who saw their position advanced, were as incisive as the Barcelona players Ona and Ornella, who were in charge of opening the field against the Czech team.

And that the best chance for the Spanish team came after fifteen minutes in a cross from the right wing by Elexpuru that Carmen finished off with a slightly deflected header.

But even so, the Spanish players did not dare to insist on playing on the wing, to the satisfaction of the rocky French team, who, knowing that a draw was enough to get the ticket for the semifinals, limited themselves to defending while waiting to take advantage of a failure of the Spanish team.

A plan that seemed to fall apart after 29 minutes of play with the mistake of the French goalkeeper Ines Marques, who was incomprehensibly overcome by the bounce of the ball in an innocent long pass by the Spanish central defender Silvia Lloris.

However, the joy of the Spanish team did not last long, which a few seconds after establishing the 0-1 saw how France returned the equalizer (1-1) to the scoreboard in a defensive neglect of the Spanish team that Nesrine Bahlouli He did not miss the opportunity to demonstrate his speed and power.

Something that forced Spain to start over, something that seemed much easier when you have a player like striker Carmen Álvarez, who doesn’t need much to create danger.

As he showed in the 56th minute with a header to the cross from Elexpuru and four later, in the 60th minute, when he took advantage of a mistake by the French defense to take a powerful shot that almost did not become a goal.

Occasions that did not seem to faze the French team, who remained barricaded in their own field to defend the point that ensured their presence in the semifinals.

Quite the opposite of Spain, which despite the fact that with the tie the first place in the group was assureddid not give up victory and sought to unbalance the contest with the entrance of the ends Ona and Ornella to eight minutes for the end.

Little time for the two Spanish extremes to break the tie (1-1) that certified the first place of those of Pedro López.

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