Teruel: Lamelas cuts two ears and the president 'the mess' with Roca Rey |  worldtoro.com

Teruel: Lamelas cuts two ears and the president ‘the mess’ with Roca Rey | worldtoro.com

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Alberto Lamelas fell back on his feet Teruel and cut two ears in the last celebration of the Fair of the Angel. As he did in 2019, before the stoppage of the pandemic, the bullfighter from Jaén triumphed again in a big way in a celebration in which king rock He made a mess in the fifth bull and the president messed it up by not attending to the majority request for the second ear after a top job by the Peruvian to a bull of River Victorian. an ear and two laps around the ring seemed like a rare prize on an afternoon in which Gines Marin he fought with the worst bulls of the confinement and was even injured in the lip after suffering a somersault by chicuelinas in the sixth.

king rock went crazy to the square Teruel with a great job to the fifth, which he began fighting in the center of the ring with exciting passes exchanged in a work in crescendo in which he fought with courage and length in which he explored all the terrain of his opponent until he ended up giving himself an ordago arrimón achieving tight rounds. Despite a withering lunge, the box only conceded one ear, so the public scolded the president and made the Peruvian go around the ring twice.

king rock He was all delivery and put everything in the face of the lack of strength, travel and drive of the second, with which he invented a task until he shortened the distance in that terrain in which he moves like a fish in water. A withering thrust from above unleashed a strong request for an ear, which however was not granted. Something inexplicable, because only the forceful sword blow was worthy of the award.

Alberto Lamelas he cut off an ear of the good bull that opened the bullring, a horned nobleman, classy and humiliating, to whom he signed good series on the right hand and one more natural, very well made. He finished off with close-fitting bernadines before passing him with a forceful lunge from which he came out on fire, apparently without consequences.

The jienense walked another trophy of the fifth, another good horn of River Victorian who had class, nobility and a journey that he fought with temper with both hands in an important work that began in the media in an exciting way. So was the end, with exchanged passes in a performance that finished off with a jab and lunge. Palmas to the bull in drag and trophy for the bullfighter.

The sixth turned ugly Gines Marin when he instrumented some chicuelinas, causing a wound on his lip. Despite the spectacular mishap, the right-hander remained in the ring before a bull that fell short and pointed the tricks with which he had no choice. He stabbed and stabbed him to death and went by his own feet to the infirmary.

A tight remove by chicuelinas and a forceful blow made the best of the performance of Gines Marin in front of the third, a bull that came out loose and abanto in the first thirds and that immediately sang the chicken on the crutch fleeing towards the tables in the second series. The man from Extremadura tried to hold him in a tenacious task, although it was not possible to show off. Silence for the bullfighter and whistles to the bull in drag.

Celebration sheet:

bullring of Teruel. Last celebration of the Angel Fair. More than three quarters of occupancy. bulls of River Victorian, uneven game. The good first, fourth and fifth stood out. Meek the third, difficult the sixth and lackluster the second.


KING ROCKapplause after loud request from ear and ear with strong request from the second and two laps around the ring and anger to the box;

GINESE MARINsilence and palms (wounded).

Details:At the end of the walk, a minute of silence was observed in memory of the sixth anniversary of the death of Victor Barrioin this same square. disassembled Javier Ambel after paring the second.


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