Pedro Iturralde “returns” to the stage

Pedro Iturralde “returns” to the stage

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Pamplona Jazz Quartetformed by four of the most renowned Navarrese jazz musicians, join the singer and composer Deborah Cartera true benchmark of international vocal jazz, to pay tribute to one of the greatest figures of the jazz in Spain: the Navarrese Pedro Iturralde.

The quartet that arrives tomorrow at the Plaza de la Compañía at 11:30 p.m.made up of Luisa Brito to the double bass, Ramon Garcia at the piano, Hilario Rodeiro to the battery and Inaki Rodriguez to the saxophone, emerged from the bosom of the association Pamplona Jazzin which the four members who have now decided to pay tribute to Iturralde actively participate.

The concert Deborah Carter meets Pamplona Jazz Quartet: Pedro Iturralde Tributea tribute to the late Falces musician, will revolve around the Golden season de Iturralde, which took place at the Madrid club Whiskey Jazz and shared the stage with donna hightoweranother renowned singer who played with her quartet.

From there came the inspiration for Pamplona Jazz to perform, with its own quartet and with a great international singer such as Deborah Carter, a concert whose repertoire will bring to Pamplona the sounds of jazzthe blues and the gospel. A field in which Carter “defends himself very well and is doing like a glove”, as explained by Iñaki Rodríguez, president and artistic director of Pamplona Jazz and saxophonist of the quartet.

The purpose of the concert is to bring Iturralde’s music to the present, “to rescue that spirit and recall those moments with Hightower, so that people can feel the spirit of that time,” Rodríguez explained.

“The idea came from watching videos of Pedro Iturralde on RTVE, where I saw some in which he played with Donna Hightower and her quartet at the Vitoria Jazz Festival,” Rodríguez said. “I began to document myself and I thought it would be amazing to do a tribute to Deborah Carter in the style of that time, when Iturralde sang with Hightower,” he added.

The Pamplona Jazz association wanted to pay tribute to the Navarrese musician who has influenced them and so many other people, as he has been one of the pioneers and benchmarks of jazz in Spain, the first saxophone professor, and his work and professional career are, according to Rodríguez, “very commendable”, since their achievements “have incredible merit for a person who came out of Falces”.


After the Christmas Songs concerts that were held in 2019 together with Deborah Carter, Pamplona Jazz and Rodríguez created a “very nice” bond with the singer, who three years later rejoins the association to accompany them on stage.

“He thought it was an incredible idea; we listened to a lot of albums, we documented ourselves and we made a selection of songs that we liked”, said Rodríguez. Now they are finally presenting the long-awaited concert, which also arrives framed by the Sanfermines, a very special date that is coming back after two years of waiting.

“I have always followed the Sanfermines jazz cycles, and being part of this is an honor, while paying tribute to Iturralde, which has influenced us all so much”, stated Rodríguez, “and being able to enjoy Sanfermines after playing with someone like Deborah for so long is an honor and a pleasure”, he added. He highlighted the atmosphere that is created in the Plaza de la Compañía, where the concert will take place, “when jazz is done”. A “very pleasant microclimate of recollection” that supposes a parenthesis between the “race” of the parties and in which the repertoire of Deborah Carter meets Pamplona Jazz Quartet: Pedro Iturralde Tribute, fits very well, since it is “perfect to disconnect a party time, enjoy and recharge the batteries again”.

In addition, Rodríguez stressed, it is a concert that is going to please “everyone, both the most purist of jazz and the most profane”. A show that Rodríguez described as “a little candy within the party, a parenthesis to enjoy beautiful music with a singer of a very high level”.

On the other hand, de Carter said that he is “incredible” on stage, since “he eats up the stage and immediately puts the public in his pocket because of his way of being”. A “close and loving” personality who already dazzled Pamplona in 2019 and will do so again now that she sings in tribute to one of the most beloved characters on the Navarrese music scene. “We are all excited, we don’t always have the opportunity to have a figure like Deborah Carter on stage with us,” Rodríguez said.

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