Ezra Miller accused of harassment and assault by two women

Ezra Miller accused of harassment and assault by two women

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The controversies and the media show around Ezra Miller They don’t stop growing. The actor, accused of sheltering children on a farm in deplorable conditionsis wanted by the Justice after the lawsuit of two parents who claim that the actor drugged and threatened their daughter. The interpreter of Flashwhich has become a problem for Warnerhas been chaining since the beginning of the year arrests and problems with the police. The last of the scandals, they explain in Varietytakes you to being accused by a German woman of harassment and abuse. In addition, it explains what happened in Iceland during 2020.

Two women accuse Ezra Miller of harassment and abuse and the actor continues his destructive spiral

The matter of Ezra Miller, a problem for Warner and that would be hindering the advertising campaign around Flash -the studio doesn’t want him on the roster-, continues to become more and more twisted and bizarre. In an interview with the aforementioned American media, a German woman identified as Nadia said that she experienced an unfortunate and uncomfortable situation with Miller during February of this year. Nadia claims she met Miller in Los Angeles around 2020 and, although he explains that they did not meet again in person in the following years due to the actor’s schedule and the confinements and restrictions due to the coronavirus, they remained in contact through text messages.

Nevertheless, in February of this year, Miller confirmed to Nadia that he was in Berlin, the city where the woman resides and who had no place to stay. She agreed to invite him to your apartment. “When he arrived, he was very kind, very polite, and he asked me if he could come in. When I said that in my house you had to take off your shoes, you had no problem taking your shoes off,” the woman starts. But everything changed when he was told that, under no circumstances, you could smoke in the house. Miller, who was rolling a cigarette, changed his behavior in just a second.

Nadia, a resident of Berlin, decided to welcome him into her home one night; when the actor started smoking and behaving strangely, he changed his mind

Nadia explains that Miller began to say that “will be a planet maker” and that with that cigarette he will be a better person because “tobacco is sacred”, stating that he could do whatever he wanted. The German woman tried to talk calmly with him, but there was no way. “He looked at me with a really cruel and stern face and said sit downas if tidying up a dog”, it states. “Yes, I’m talking to you like a dog,” the actor came to snap at the owner of the apartment. At that moment, Nadia, frightened, decided to expel him from the apartment. “He called me transphobic and Nazi” when I told him to leave the house.

Ezra Miller

“That pissed him off. I asked him to leave about 20 times, maybe more. He started swearing at me. He told me I’m a transphobic piece of shit, that was one Nazi. It became very, very stressful for me. I was walking around my house, looking at everything, touching everything, spreading tobacco leaves on the floor. It was disgusting“, says Nadia, who to top it off, She is Jewish and a descendant of Holocaust survivors.. Miller laughed, declined to apologize, and refused to leave the apartment, proceeding to check the belongings and intimate objects of the woman, moving into the bedroom. “He said that he had attacked him, that he had hurt him and that he had hurt him,” she says.

Miller accused of transphobia and being ‘Nazi’ to the woman who decided to expel him from his house

Miller ended up leaving Nadia’s house before the police arrived., but did not finish the episode with the actor. Apparently, the protagonist of fantastic animals he was prowling the area well into the wee hours, and around 6 in the morning, the woman felt someone trying to break into her house. It was Ezra Miller, who was knocking on the door to break it down, accusing the German of stealing his passport and his money. The actor had left his jacket with his passport and his wallet at Nadia’s home, something that was solved by throwing everything from the balcony. Variety reports that the testimony has been corroborated by several sources, such as a German social worker and people from the woman’s inner circle, as well as been able to access the messages. To date they have not had contact again.

Iceland incident reveals new details

The actor starred in a very shady incident at the Priki Kaffihs bar in Iceland, a place he went to constantly and where he generally had disrespectful attitudes. In 2020it was confirmed that a woman, who had been talking to the actor in the aforementioned place, ended up being assaulted by Ezra Miller after asking him about injuries to his feet. After joking about who he could win a fight, Miller was furious and tried to drown the woman in a video that went viral in the worst days of the coronavirus confinement. The affected confirms Variety he did record the assault with the police for this situation, however, but did not want to press charges.

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