CAF closes the purchase of the Alstom plant in Alsace

CAF closes the purchase of the Alstom plant in Alsace

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good news in CAF. Beasain’s company has formalized the closure of the acquisition of the Alstom plant in Reichshoffenin the Alsace region, in addition to the Coradia Polyvalent train platform and the intellectual property related to the platform Talent 3, after obtaining the regulatory authorizations provided for in the purchase-sale agreement. The enterprise value of the perimeter acquired is 75 million euros and has been financed with company debt.

CAF has reported that the perimeter of the acquisition includes various assets in France and Germany. More specifically, it will integrate the Reichshoffen manufacturing plant, the Coradia Polyvalent platform with an associated portfolio, as well as the intellectual property of the Talent 3 platform targeting the German and Central European markets together with key engineering personnel.

The acquisition of these assets consolidates a new step in the CAF’s growth and diversification strategy, in addition to its strengthening in the French and European markets. With this purchase, it aspires to become the second railway manufacturer in Francewhile still driven on Germany and in Central Europe.

Image of a CAF train. / CAF

Guaranteed workload for the next few years

As detailed in the note sent by the company, the media and people from Reichshoffen, with more than 700 employees in the areas of engineering, purchasing, project management, manufacturing or administration, have extensive experience in railway projects with top-tier clients, as well as great potential that will allow them to execute programs on a wide range of vehicles . In addition, its strategic location makes it suitable for serving customers from other nearby European markets. The agreement reached guarantees the workload at the Reichshoffen plant for the coming years.

The platform Coradia Polyvalent It is prepared for international traffic, capable of reaching regional speeds (up to 160 km/h inclusive) and interurban speeds in electric or bimodal traction that will provide CAF with a portfolio of projects worth approximately 500 million euros. On the other hand, the german perimeter of the agreement includes the intellectual property of the Talent 3 platform, “capable of reaching regional speeds of up to 160 km/h including with electric traction”, and the transfer of a team of German engineers linked to it.

CAF hydrogen train model.  /EP
CAF hydrogen train model. /EP

In Spain the race for the hydrogen train continues

Meanwhile in Spain, at the end of July, CAF has taken another step forward in the race for hydrogen. After successfully carrying out the static tests, last week CAF began the dynamic tests on the track of the project’s hydrogen-powered demonstrator train FCH2Rail. A vehicle developed by an international consortium of companies including, in addition to the firm from Gipuzkoa, are DLR, Toyota, Renfe, ADIF, CNH2, IP and Stemmann-Technik.

With this evidence in motion, CAF equalizes Talgo in the race for the first hydrogen train. Already in the month of May, when Beasain’s company started its static tests, Talgo began with the dynamics of its model TPH2 The same day. Thus they put an end to the delaysthe supply crisisthe carrier strikes… and the phase began where it will be seen which train is more solvent and which is the first to be fully operational after the transport strike equalized the race between the two manufacturers.

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