They discover the neurons responsible for binge eating and how to control them

They discover the neurons responsible for binge eating and how to control them

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Controlling the neurons responsible for compulsive eating behavior may be a solution to obesity.

Eating disorders and obesity are complex diseases with serious consequences for physical and mental health. Attempts to modify those risky eating behaviors through drugs They have failed so far.

A group of researchers from University of Cologne in Germany has discovered a completely new approach to tackle the binge eating that leads to obesity: control neurons responsible for compulsive eating behavior. The results of the study have been published in Nature Metabolism.

binge eating

The Binge eating disorder is a serious eating disorder in which the person eat large amounts of food and is unable to stop.

generates feelings of culpability that the person can compensate by doing strict diet or trying to eat less, but those restrictions end up leading her back to more binge eating.

Normally, people who suffer from this disorder are usually obese, although it can also have a normal weight. In fact, the obesity are caused in many cases, although not always, by a excessive food intakethat is, by Binge.

According to the Mayo Clinic, binge eating is characterized by the following signs:

  • Eat large of food for a certain timefor example two hours.
  • Lunch with speed.
  • feeling of being lose control about what is eaten.
  • Keep eating despite being full or not hungry.
  • Feel guilty or embarrassed after the binge.
  • eat to hidden.

The neurons responsible for binge eating

Factors known to increase the risk of binge eating include: family background, go on a strict diet or psychological disorders such as anxietythe depression or the disorder bipolar.

But these factors do not explain the cause last of that unrestrained behavior at lunchtime.

Researchers at the University of Cologne have discovered the neurons (nerve cells) responsible for that compulsive behavior at lunchtime.

Scientists have shown that there is a group of neurons in the hypothalamus of the brain (called AgRP) which in turn regulate the excitability of nerve cells in the cbrain fortewhat stimulates food intakeyes This process is carried out thanks to a enzyme concrete, the autotaxin.

Well, researchers have seen that if inhibits this enzyme by drugs can reduce significantly both the excessive food intake after fasting as obesity in animal models.

“The study data shows that people who have this altered enzyme are more likely to have overweight and suffer type 2 diabetespoints out Professor Robert Nitsch, one of the study’s authors.

“This is a strong indication about what inhibit the enzyme autotaxin It may be a effective therapy against obesity, and we are currently developing its use in humans”Add.

How to stop obesity

Find drugs that control neural excitation that increases the desire to eat could be a great step in the fight against obesity, which is a risk factor for diabetes, cardiovascular disease or cancer. In fact, obesity is the cause of at least 13 types of cancer and responsible for at least 200,000 new cancer cases a year in Europe.

Since 1975, obesity has nearly triplicate worldwide, according to data from the World Health Organization (WHO).

The 59% of adults and almost one in three children (29% of boys and 27% of girls) have overweight or obesity in Europe.

But until these types of drugs arrive, obesity must be curbed with the tools we have. If you have a compulsive eating behaviorrestrictive diets probably won’t work for you because you’ll end up alternating periods of caloric restriction with others of unbridled intake.

In these cases, it is important that you put yourself in the hands of a nutritionist dietitian who plans your diet well and, if necessary, goes to the psychologist. Binge eating disorder is included within eating behavior disorders and can be treated with appropriate psychological intervention.

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