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Smart Collections: This is the new emergia business unit

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The term “technology” came into our lives not long ago, but it has become so consolidated in society that it seems that we were born with it. That does not mean that our mentality is changing and we seek to do things differently. The impact we can generate in the world can be quite highand when you are aware of it, your projects remove all kinds of barriers.

This is what happened to Elon Musk, who has quoted verbatim that his motivation in creating his companies was to want to get involved in something that would have a positive impact on the world. This aspiration is not monopolistic of the CEO of Tesla, but there are companies that go one step further with the aim of improving the quality of life of their customers while proposing solutions based on innovation.

This was what happened yesterday at the Hotel Rafael de Atocha, in Madrid, hand in hand with emergia. The company held a meeting with the aim of presenting its new project, with which they have managed to develop their business at 360º. This is a new line of business for collection and recovery management that has been named emergia Smart Collection. With her they plan to offer comprehensive services that cover all phases of debt recovery and collection management while combining different digital and traditional channels as well as technologies through a flexible and scalable model.

emergia smart collections

Miguel Matey, CEO of emergia, was in charge of welcoming the attendees while recognizing that it was time to give way to a solution like this to help position this type of service to its customers. In addition, Matey emphasized giving his team a voice, especially data experts, for being the fundamental pillar that makes this type of solution possible: «analytics engineering teams help us better understand and analyze the customerin addition to getting us to improve digital and automatic processes.”

Second appeared Jaime Llori, director of business development for Smart Collectionswho was in charge of approaching both emergia and its new line of business: «we have reinforced the value proposition in the market and We can now accompany our clients in the life cycle of their customer journey«. And it summarizes the growth that the company has suffered in recent months in four pillars:

  • Talent
  • Process sophistication
  • Technology
  • Data

This last concept has been reflected especially by Llori, who assured that it is a particularly important aspect for emergia. In fact, the presentation concluded with a talk by the hand of Adolfo Ramírez Morales, former CEO of Banco Santander and expert in digital transformationwho shared with the audience that intuition is important, but an intuition with data is excellent.

The expert reflected during his presentation on how companies must follow the rules of the game set by the market and consumers. And he does it with some key terms such as data, already mentioned, or anticipation: «we take into account the map, not knowing that the territory is wider«. Phrase that accompanies the example of the automotive sector and the companies that, determined to grow and innovate, went on to form the mobility sector, which in data means going from 2 trillion audience to twelve.

The expert was committed to innovation and digitization in all phases of the business to end the “dinosaur” image. To do this, a company needs to be agile and flexible, digital, obsessed with the customer, intelligent data management, open to generating ecosystems and all this accompanied by constant innovation. Be brave and not be afraid to take risks. Go from the term competition to the term opportunity.

Ideas that emergia has already consolidated in their team and they want to impart in the long term in their business to ensure that this 360º strategy leads their clients and themselves to joint success, hand in hand with their new line of business: Smart Collections.

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