How to clean the mobile inside

How to clean the mobile inside

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If the phone is slow, takes a long time to load the applications or some do not open, it means that you need a deep cleaning. However, you must know the operation of the mobile to carry it out with security Y remove all the garbage that is not needed.

There are several methods or ways to clean the phone, which we will show in stages from the shallow to full deep cleaning. All processes have some side effects, so it is advisable to make a backup phone, including photos, messages, and contacts.

One aspect to take into account is the Applications that promise to eliminate the garbage of the mobile. None of them should be installed as they will have the opposite effect, and they can also infect your phone with malware.

1) Delete unused apps

This step is basic, it is the first of all and very necessary, since they are applications that when not used they are expendable. In addition, these take up space on the phone and can even consume data and battery. For this reason, both games and apps must be uninstalled, as well as any element that we know that it will not use.

2) Delete WhatsApp Gallery

After unused apps, the gallery left by messages from WhatsApp It is the element that accumulates the most garbage of the entire phone, since many of the photos and memes that we receive do not have any type of relevance. The same happens with the videoswhich also take up more space than photographs.

To delete the WhatsApp gallery, the portal offers very simple guidelines.

  • Access the application reel and review the content in case there is something you want to save. It’s always good to make sure.
  • Once you’ve saved what’s important, delete the folder. In case you can’t do it from the gallery, use a file manager.
  • To prevent WhatsApp from automatically downloading the multimedia content to the gallery, thus preventing it from being filled with “garbage” again, you just have to go to its settings and enter “Data and storage“.Leave selected”no file” in downloading with mobile data, with Wi-Fi and when roaming. This way only what you download manually will be saved.

3) Delete photos and videos

After the WhatsApp gallery, it is followed by deleting the photos and videos that we do not want from the common gallery. These can be screenshots, images that we shared only once or have lost value, as well as unnecessary videos. Once removed, you have to make sure they don’t stay on the Recycle Binand also, if you have a backup in the cloudyou can recover something that you have deleted.

It is located in the Finnish town of Kajaani.

4) Clear cache yes or no?

Normally, the cache is considered as system garbage, but this is not entirely correct. Thanks to the cache all the apps can Start faster as they store content in memory that they do not have to generate again.

However, there are apps that occupy much spaceso it may be necessary to clear the cache of such applications from time to time.

5) Delete watched series and movies

Applications of series and movies in streaming they accumulate a large amount of Mb, so if you have downloaded movies that you have already seen, it is time for you to delete them. This can also be done with your own videos and play list of music.

6) Restore the factory mobile

This step would be the way deeper to clean the phone. It is an extreme case, since formatting the phone means returning it to the factory state. This supposes the complete removal of phone data. so it is necessary to save a backup before doing it.

  • Access your settings Android and look for the option “Restore“. It is usually found in general administration, additional settings or security.
  • Choose the option similar to “Factory data reset“. This option deletes everything you have saved on the phone.
  • Usually you have to accept several times to reset the phone. You will also have to identify you to proceed.

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