El trofeo del Tour 2023 ya ha llegado a Euskal Herria

The 2023 Tour trophy has already arrived in Euskal Herria

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The Tour de France 2023 is already a little closer. After the last men’s edition, the best in recent years, drew the curtain in Paris last Sunday with a brilliant triumph by Jonas Vingegaard, The Basque Country is already warming up for the next great gala round, which will start from Euskal Herria for the second time in its history on July 1. The previous time was in 1992 from Donostia.

To start celebrating that Grand Depart 2023the ultra distance runners Ziortza Villa and Julián Sanz have been traveling since Sunday with the trophy that the winner will take the distance between the Champs-Elysées and Bilbao, the city that will host that start in 2023. Shortly before 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday have entered Euskal Herria through Baiona and after crossing the capital of Labour, he headed for Donibane Lohitzune with some slight modification of the route.

The ultra-distance runners Ziortza Villa and Julián Sanz arrive in Gipuzkoa with the 2023 Tour de France winner’s trophy. GRAND DEPART PAYS BASQUE 2023

The ultra-distance runners Ziortza Villa and Julián Sanz arrive in Gipuzkoa with the winner’s trophy of the 2023 Tour de France GRAND DÉPART PAYS BASQUE 2023

Around 11:00 a.m. the two athletes have entered Gipuzkoa over the Santiago de Irun bridge, from where they set off for Donostia, the end of the second stage of the 2023 Tour, and where the deputy general of Gipuzkoa waited for them, Markel Olanoand the mayor, Eneko Goiashortly before noon.

On a journey marked by different weather conditions such as rain, wind or heatVilla and Sanz began on Sunday a journey of just over 1,000 kilometers who plans his Arrival in Bilbao around 8:00 p.m. on a provisional schedule, since it arrived in Donostia nearly two hours late.

The walk, which is estimated at about 48 hours duration will continue along the Guipuzcoan coast, from where it will descend to Bergara and will take the road to Gasteiz, where the ultra-distance runners will be received by the Alava authorities. Heading back north, Amorebieta-Etxano, the start of the third stage in 2023, will be the last stop before Bilbao.

Three stages on Basque soil

The start of the 2023 Tour in Euskadi will begin on July 1 with a 185-kilometre stage starting and finishing in Bilbao, on July 2 it will start in Gasteiz and end in Donostia after completing a good part of its 210-kilometre route on Gipuzkoan soil once enter through Debagoiena. udana, Aztiria, Alkiza Y Gurutze will be the main ports before crowning Jaizkibel before descending through Pasai Donibane towards Donostia.

The three Basque stages of the 2023 Tour, in detail

  • The 2023 Tour will start with a circular stage of 185 km with departure and arrival in Bilbao
  • Second stage of the Tour 2023: start in Gasteiz and finish in Donostia after going up to Jaizkibel
  • Third stage of the Tour 2023: departure from Amorebieta-Etxano and route to Iparralde

The third stage, which will cross the river Bidasoa towards Iparralde and whose end is yet to be revealed, will start from Amorebieta-Etxano and after reaching the Biscayan coast, will go from Ondarroa to Mutriku and will cross the entire Gipuzkoa seafront, with the Geopark as the main point of attraction, Zarautz, Orio, Igeldo, Donostia and even Pasaia, from where it will go to Irun. Everything indicates that the third stage, whose distance it will cover has not been disclosed either, will end at some point in Iparralde.

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