How to see the passwords behind the asterisks

How to see the passwords behind the asterisks

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If you have forgotten your password and you only see the asterisks, do not worry, because we will teach you to see the characters behind these symbols.

To take care of the security of your accounts, it is necessary have a password that is difficult to guess. However, it may happen that you have forgotten it and your only help is the set of asterisks that are displayed in the field where you enter your password. Although this could be avoided by resorting to password managers, you may not have set one up. But if so, don’t worry.

We have prepared this post to tell you about all the ways that exist to see the passwords behind the asterisks. This can be useful if, as we have mentioned, you have forgotten your password and only have access to these symbols that are displayed. And, if you are interested, we also have a post where we tell you how to see the Facebook password on PC.

If you have accounts on several platforms, you should know that when you type your password, the characters do not appear, but a set of asterisks that hide the information. So, before we tell you how to see what’s behind these symbols, we’ll explain why it works that way. And this can be very useful, especially if you have forgotten the password of your favorite streaming service, like Disney +, for example. Although in this case, you might need to change the password.

Why do asterisks appear when you enter your password?

Find out why asterisks are displayed when you type the password

If it has happened to you that you enter your password on a website and, instead of showing the characters, only asterisks appear, don’t worryWell, that’s how it’s supposed to work.

Basically this is a function that was added to avoid that, if you meet people next to you, you are can’t see the content of your password. It is also ideal when you log in in public places, since, in case your data is saved, users will not be able to distinguish your password from the rest.

Although there are ways to go further in terms of security, as there are operating systems, such as Linux, in which when you enter your password, nor asterisks do not appear either. But if you manage many different passwords, maybe what you need is a password manager to forget about having to remember them all.

Leaving this aside, the asterisks instead of the password appear to protect your privacy in case there are voyeurs near you. Although it can have its negative point, as in the case that you have forgotten it and these symbols do not give you any clue.

See the password with the Show password button

You can see the content behind the asterisks through the button Show password

You can see the content behind the asterisks through the button Show password

The easiest way to view your password behind the asterisks is by using the icon that is usually found right next to this field, and that it has the shape of an eye. This is the button Show password.

When you press this button, the asterisks will immediately be changed to the characters you entered from your password. It is easy way to view. However, you should know that this method is used less and less because the platforms have dispensed with this icon.

This means that it is less and less likely that websites will incorporate the button of Show password. Therefore, you will have to resort to other more advanced methods, such as the ones shown below.

Inspect the web page to see the password behind the asterisks

Another way to know the password behind the asterisks is through the button To inspect that appears when you right click in a blank space on the website. Although you will have to perform a few steps later.

The first thing you should do is position yourself on the web page where you asterisks are displayed of the password you entered. Next, you move your mouse to a blank space on the web and right-click. It is important that you do not position it on any element, but rather a free area.

After this, it will open a context menu with different options, but the one that interests us is the option of To inspect. Click on it and the browser’s developer mode command console will start.

In this mode, you can see all the source code of the website and its codes. The next thing to do though don’t know anything about html, is to find the line of code input type=”password”. When you do, delete the term “password” and write “text” instead.

After doing it, the asterisks in the password field They will immediately be converted into the corresponding characters and you will be able to view it without problems. Although if you succeed, it is recommended that you write it down so that you do not forget it again.

Take a look at the Passwords section in your browser

From the browser settings you can see the saved passwords

From the browser settings you can see the saved passwords

Another way to view your password is directly from the Passwords section included in current browsers. Although this does not always work, especially if you disabled the ability for it to save it. But you can try your luck by following the steps below.

Currently, browsers such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox include a section of saved passwords in your configuration. Although for this, you must press the button Save Passwordthe first time you enter it and the browser offers you this possibility.

Access the Passwords section from Google Chrome

Google Chrome also allows you to view saved passwords

Google Chrome also allows you to view saved passwords

This is the most used browser in the world, so if you use it too, you just have to do the following.

  • Access the browser.
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right.
  • Enter the Settings of the browser.
  • Search, in the left side menu, the option Autocomplete.
  • Now go to the section passwords.

Here you can see the list of website passwords that have been saved. Obviously you can view it without problems.

Access the password section from Mozilla Firefox

Just like Google Chrome, Firefox also includes a way to view saved passwords.

  • You must enter the browser.
  • Click on the three lines in the upper right.
  • Now you go into the Setting of the browser.
  • Access the section of Logins and passwords.
  • In a new window will open firefox lockwise.

From this interface, you will be able to check the data related to the security credentials of the websites, so you can check the email and related password.

Access the Saved Passwords section in Microsoft Edge

Microsoft has completely revamped the browser included in Windows 10 and Windows 11, as it is now based on the Chromium engine. Because of this, has gained thousands of new users for all its features.

This browser is very complete and also allows you to consult the passwords that you have saved in a simple way.

  • Once you are in the Edge browser.
  • You must click on the three points in the upper right corner.
  • Now, click on Setting and the browser settings tab will open.
  • Then you go to the section Profiles.
  • You have to select the personal profile you use to be able to enter the section of passwords.
  • Here you can view the saved passwords, although to confirm your identity, you must enter the PIN or password of the profile.

Lastly, you just have to confirm that you are the owner profile. And if the password or PIN you enter is correct, a list will be displayed with all the passwords saved from the different websites.

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