Berankis - Nadal live: good start for the Spaniard

Berankis – Nadal live: good start for the Spaniard

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After an epic match in the first round against the Argentine Francisco Cerúndolo, Rafael Nadal faces his second exam on the Wimbledon grass, this time against Ricardas Berankis. The Lithuanian, number 106 in the ATP ranking, should not be a great Balearic obstacle, and more so after having already shot on the Center Court of the All England Club.

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Set 1: 3-3 | He equalizes the Lithuanian with a good drive to the net and a crosscourt shot. Tied to three sets.


Set 1: 2-3 | How well Berankis moved Nadal now! Until the one from Manacor could no longer arrive and gave up the point. Berankis advantage.


Set 1: 2-3 | But two consecutive failures of the Lithuanian, the second finished with a ‘smash’ of the Balearic Islands, mean 40-40.


Set 1: 2-3 | Nadal is not being able to respond regularly to his rival’s serves, which goes to 40-30


Set 1: 2-3 | Nadal’s great rest to a good service from Beranski, who sends her to the hall. 15-15


Set 1: 2-3 | Cana de Nadal and Berankis wins the first point of this game with his serve. 15-00


Nadal saves the first delicate moment

Set 1: 2-3 | And the game ends with the Spaniard with a brilliant serve to the angle. Another ‘ace’ on his account with which he saves a delicate situation.


Set 1: 2-2 | Now the rest goes to the bottom of Berankis. Christmas advantage.


Set 1: 2-2 | Rest to the Lithuanian network. Rafa gets rid of the breakup. deuces


Set 1: 2-2 | Another long forehand from Nadal. First break point for Berankis…


Set 1: 2-2 | The rest of Berankis catches Nadal by surprise, who fails to return it well. The Spaniard is failing a bit strange points and that keeps his rival in the game. deuces


Set 1: 2-2 | Great service from Rafa, which his rival is unable to return properly. 40-30


Set 1: 2-2 | Nadal has moved badly now and the ball has been thrown very high on him. 30-30


Set 1: 2-2 | Rest to the Berankis network. 30-15


Set 1: 2-2 | Nadal throws it into the net with everything in favor. 15-15


Set 1: 2-2 | This one does go to the Lithuanian after the serve of the Spanish. 15-00


Set 1: 2-2 | The Lithuanian closes the game with a new mistake by Nadal.


Set 1: 1-2 | Rafa thought that the ball was going away and he didn’t run for it, but he touched the line and it was worth 40-30 to Berankis.


Set 1: 1-2 | And when the errors were condemning the Lithuanian, Nadal hits him with the cane and sends him to the clouds. 30-30


Set 1: 1-2 | Great serve by Berankis for 15-00, but the next point sends him into the net with a bad shot. 15-15


Set 1: 1-2 | But Rafa Nadal fixes it with his second ‘Ace’ of the match. Again the Spanish ahead.


Set 1: 1-1 | Another good serve for 40-00 and then a double fault from Nadal. 40-15


Set 1: 1-1 | Very accurate in the serve now Nadal. Take advantage of the first two to get 30-00


Set 1: 1-1 | A ball that seemed to go out but had touched the baseline is enough for Bernakis to win his first game.


Set 1: 0-1 | Rest of Nadal to the net and blow too long from the Spaniard. The Lithuanian gets 40-15.


Set 1: 0-1 | Berankis double fault. 15-15


Set 1: 0-1 | The unforced error is now made by Nadal, who takes it out from the back of the court on the Lithuanian’s first serve. 15-00


Set 1: 0-1 | What a mistake now by Berankis, who hits her badly and sends her to her feet. And she finishes it off later with a backhand to the net. The Lithuanian seems somewhat nervous. The first game of the match is for Nadal.


Set 1: 0-0 | Rafa’s first direct kick! 30-15


Set 1: 0-0 | The first point of the match is for the Spaniard, but Berankis responds well with a great crosscourt backhand that leaves Nadal nailed. 15-15


At the service of the Spanish…


The atmosphere in the stands is that of the big events. There was a great desire to see Rafa Nadal again on the grass in London.


The match on Center Court will be played out in the open. The rain has given a truce and the roof of the stadium has already been moved to play outdoors. In principle, a beneficial circumstance for Rafa Nadal.


Now yes, everything is ready for Berankis and Nadal to jump onto the track!


While Berankis and Nadal await their turn to take the court, the Greek Tsitsipas closes his pass to the next round, where he will star in an exciting match against the always controversial Australian Nick Kyrgios.


Start is delayed

The match is still delayed… At this moment the scheduled start time has gone until 4:50 p.m.


As for the face-to-face between the two, this will be the second. The balance is in favor of Nadal, who beat the Lithuanian in straight sets in his only match, at ATP Melbourne 2022.


about his rival, Ricardas Berankis32-year-old Lithuanian and number 106 in the world, had not played any match on grass this year before landing at Wimbledon, but his debut could not have been better: he beat Sam Querrey in three sets (6-4, 7-5, 6-3), semifinalist in 2017.


Despite the hesitant debut, Nadal’s feelings were not entirely bad. He advanced to the round and ahead of him no longer has some potential rivals that seemed dangerous for his aspirations, such as Cilic for the round of 16, Auger-Aliassime for the quarterfinals or Berrettini for the semifinals.


The tournament is progressing at the All England Club despite the scourge of the coronavirus, which is causing problems among the participants. One of the last to suffer it has been the Spanish Robert Baptist, who has communicated this Thursday that he is retiring after testing positive for COVID-19. “Yesterday I began to feel not very well and, after doing the relevant test, I tested positive for Covid-19. They were good days after the injury and, fortunately, the symptoms are not very serious, but I think it is the best decision », he explained.


The Spaniard, winner in Australia and Roland Garros this season, opts to win the four majors of the course, although the Wimbledon grass is not among his favorite venues. In fact, in his debut he felt uncomfortable at times, surpassed by a great Cerúndolo, and trying to accommodate aspects of his game such as serving to the peculiarities of this surface. Fortunately, his mental strength prevailed against the Argentine and he made it through to this second round.


Buenas tardes!

One more day, in ABC we are ready to tell you live a game of Rafael Nadal! The Balearic tennis player faces Lithuanian Berankis in his second match in the London tournament, in which he starts among the favourites.

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