The new Malaga starts its engines

The new Malaga starts its engines

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Málaga players during the first day of preseason on the Federation pitch. / MAVALPHOTO

Guede has 30 players, among whom Bustinza and Febas stood out, on the first day of training while waiting for more entry and exit movements

Borja Gutierrez

On Monday, Málaga began preparations for the next season 22-23. He did so from early in the morning at the Federation pitch, a facility that has been specially improved for this preseason and where the squad will have their headquarters until July 19. The team led by Guede started their engines with a day of double training sessions. In the morning up to 29 players participated and in the afternoon Febas joined to reach 30 players, of which 15 are youth squads and there are also several discards on the exit ramp.

Among the images of the day, the first of Bustinza stood out as a blue and white after confirming his signing last Saturday. One of the new additions was also the goalkeeper Manolo Reina, while Juanfran Moreno was absent. As reported by the club, the right-back will soon join other players who are about to be presented as new team players. On the situation of the squad, the sports director, Manolo Gaspar, was also in charge of updating and welcoming the players. The executive was in the first part of the working day, which began at 7:30 am with medical examinations.

Pablo Guede’s first training session already showed the high intensity that he will demand. They started at full capacity despite it being the first day and the high temperatures that had already made a dent since 10:00 am. One of the first exercises he ordered was aimed at acquiring concepts of pressure on the rival and playing in constant movement with or without the ball. Most of the players participated in these activities, except for two small groups that were exercising on the sidelines. One was made up of the injured Adrián López, Juande, Javi Jiménez and the youth squad Moussa, who were under the orders of the trainer Toni Tapia. And the other, even more striking, was the group formed by players on the exit ramp and who are discarded.

Tapia and Guede, hand in hand

These are Chavarría, Peybernes, Roberto (his transfer to the Barça subsidiary is on track) and Cristo, who trained at a slower pace so as not to take risks. But the surprise was that winger Kevin also trained in that group. The sources consulted by SUR explain that the young attacker from Malaga recently suffered some minor discomfort and the technicians have preferred that he not force himself too much. They also assure that Guede continues to maintain his idea of ​​having him as one of the future wingers of the team along with Haitam and that the preseason will be a revalidation to make room for himself.

Photos from the first training

Another of the images of the training sessions was seeing Antonio Tapia working hand in hand with Pablo Guede as his new assistant. He is one of the incorporations that have been carried out in the malaguista coaching staff together with the signing of Toni Mengual as goalkeeping coach. The latter will be in charge of the group of goalkeepers currently made up of Manolo Reina, Gonzalo (returning from his loan at Badajoz and aiming to come out again) and the reserves Carlos López and Arturo Ramírez.

In total, the list of players who attended the first two pre-season training sessions for Málaga were: goalkeepers Manolo Reina, Gonzalo, Carlos López, Arturo Ramírez; the defenders Bustinza, Peybernes, Juande, Javi Jiménez, Andrés Caro, Víctor Olmo, Moussa, Murillo, Pablo Arriaza, Cristo; midfielders Escassi, Genaro, Luis Muñoz, Jozabed, Ramón, Dani Lorenzo, Álex Rico, Larrubia; Haitam, Kevin, Issa Fomba; and forwards Roberto, Chavarría, Loren and Adrián López (this is the only one of all that does not yet have a defined contract and is on trial in search of a player in the squad).

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