Juan Carlos Navarro criticizes himself: "We should all have done better"

Juan Carlos Navarro criticizes himself: “We should all have done better”

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The general manager of Barça recognized the bad aftertaste left by the team at the end of the season. “We must learn from what happened,” he said.

“The line is marked, we are at the top and we still have to take another step,” Navarro said in an interview with the club’s media

Finally, andl General Manager of the basketball section, Juan Carlos Navarrocame to the fore to give his impressions on what happened in the Barça season, which had a sad and disconcerting ending

And just as Barça fans have experienced disappointment, Navarro recognized that “we should all do self-criticism, not only players, but also me and the coach,” he said that of Sant Feliu, who at the time wanted to see the optimistic side of the situation.

“The line is drawn: we are at the top and we have one more step left,” he said.. “We must learn from this season, we must improve the squad and talk about the things that need to change”, Navarro commented in the interview with Barça TV.

Example for the rest

Barça’s head of sports assured that “the season has had everything. We have had seven good months, but the way it has ended we are sad about how we started”, he said “We were an example for everyone at the beginning of the competitions.s, we won the Cup, and the last stretch of the season has been bad ending like this”.

Starting with the Playoff against Bayern, the team went down mentally and physically, losing confidence. we haven’t finishedI do with a good feeling and we must improve things for next year”.

“We finished first in the Euroleague and ACB Regular League, with record starts… the team was doing well and little by little lost strength. We have talked about it with Saras, with the staff and players to get more information and improve it for next year.”

Navarro wanted to see the good side of what happened. “One of the positive things is that we have been in the Final Four for two years in a row. With the dynamic that we had against Madrid, losing against them in the Final Four made it more painful,” Navarro commented.

Exciting signings

Navarro also wanted to talk about what lies ahead, and the expectations with the new signings. “We will incorporate exciting players, We will make the changes that we believe from the technical direction because we have many players whose contract is ending”.

Regarding the technician, he assured that “Saras is part of our project and he knows, because we have spoken with him, that there are things that can be improved and I’m sure you’re already thinking about how to do it”.

Australian Dante Exum could still get a second chance with Barça if he doesn’t end up with an NBA team. “The continuity of Exum is not ruled out. He has adapted to the team, good behavior, the fans like it but we must fix other things to see if everything fits”.

Step in front of Mirotic

He also had words for the star of the team, Nikola Mirotic, without a doubt the most regular and outstanding of the season. “I am very happy with Mirotic because he has taken a step forward in important moments.. We want him to be our leader, I also want to include Higgins, which has been a difficult year for him, but people are very happy with Mirotic”.

Navarro thanked the fans for their support despite the fact that the team’s final balance was not good. “The Palau has been impressive, enjoying it. And that is the idea, that people believe in the team, the project and we have to work so that young people join the Palau”.

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