The 5 marketing channels that no hotelier should miss out on

The 5 marketing channels that no hotelier should miss out on

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Proper use of basic marketing tools can lead hoteliers to increase bookings and impact customer satisfaction, according to advice offered by IHT and Cloudbeds.

“Travel is undergoing a huge transformation, led by changing demographics, but the only constant is competition for bookings. Competition is only going to get more intense as we see consumer demand shift towards unique accommodations, putting traditional hotels in direct competition with short-term rentals,” says Sebastien Leitner, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Cloudbeds.

“As the industry changes, it will become more important for hoteliers to embrace new marketing opportunities to increase their visibility and generate more demand.”

“It’s not just about knowing how to sell, but also going one step further and understanding the final consumer in order to offer them what they need at the right time,” says Álvaro Carrillo de Albornoz, general director of the Hotel Technological Institute. Marketing is therefore “a essential tool to improve the competitiveness and profitability of companies”.

These are the five fronts whose potential can be exploited”

1. The web and SEO

Marketing should start with the website and SEO, in order to facilitate direct bookings. In this way, the accommodation website has to be built to attract both guests and search engines. This implies that there is engaging and compelling descriptions, photos, and videos, as well as ease of navigation, mobile optimization, and rich in keywords and tags. It should also include calls to action, such as “Book Now” buttons and a “Check Availability” widget, as well as incentives to book directly.

2. Digital advertising

Regarding digital advertising, more than an expense, it is an investment and the only certain way to reach online travelers. To ensure its effectiveness, targeting and monitoring of results are essential.

3. Reviews and social networks

Online reputation management is an important marketing tool for converting guests. To achieve this, hoteliers need to monitor and respond to all reviews mentioning the property and request reviews from all major sources. In the same vein as reviews, social media is one of the most popular sources of inspiration for travelers. For this reason, Cloudbeds recommends hoteliers maintain online presence to build brand. However, keep in mind that they can be time consuming and have limited potential to boost bookings.

4. Loyalty with databases

The branded hotels can generate between 40% and 65% of reservations from loyal members. In the age of digitalization, everything that involves customer relationship management (CRM) involves the creation of databases and profiles of guests and potential customers to personalize service and marketing communications, as well as as automation tools that allow you to send personalized offers by mail.

5. Media

Finally, the hotelier must assess the importance of the media when it comes to reaching their potential guests through the media, as well as social networks. Because there stories worth sharing and establishing a public relations strategy is essential to get them to the appropriate channels.

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