Monkeypox today: this is how infections evolve in Spain and the rest of the world

Monkeypox today: this is how infections evolve in Spain and the rest of the world

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At the end of July, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the high alert level to face the epidemic of virus of monkeypox due to the significant increase in infections throughout the world.

For a few weeks, Spain has begun to vaccinate the population groups that are most at risk of contracting this disease while the scientific community continues to study this virus, which is different from smallpox and is being transmitted outside its usual area (Africa Central and Western).

Evolution of cases

The World Health Organization (WHO) reported on May 17, 2022 a confirmed case of monkeypox in a person who traveled from the UK to Nigeria on May 4, who immediately went into isolation. In the days that followed, the first cases appeared in this country along with Portugal and Spain.

In Spain they appeared the first cases on May 18, when the Community of Madrid notified the first eight suspects. The Ministry of Health confirmed on May 20 seven after the partial sequencing of the virus, along with another 31 samples that tested positive for non-human smallpox. Since then, the number of cases has been growing in all the autonomous communities, with Madrid and Barcelona being the first in number of infections.

Cumulative cases of monkeypox in Spain

This graph collects the evolution of confirmed cases of monkeypox each day by the Ministry of Healthwhich currently updates this data twice a week.

Monkeypox cases by autonomous community

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This graph shows the confirmed cases by autonomous communitiesaccording to the latest data published by the ministry.

Number of infections around the world

The following table shows the data on monkeypox cases around the world.

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