Malena Gracia: "I would have liked to have had more opportunities"

Malena Gracia: “I would have liked to have had more opportunities”

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Malena Gracia is pursued by the elongated shadow of a superficiality that dissipates when she talks away from glares and glitter. She resists the echoes of the past and seeks, with resigned patience, to continue living from music. This Thursday will perform, like every year, at Madrid’s Gay Pride festivities.

How would you introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t know you?I am a Madrilenian with desire to eat the world. An independent woman who has fought hard to gain a foothold in the artistic world and who has succeeded. Although many people do not know it, I started dancing in the ballet when I was six years old. I am very prepared.

When you look back, do you count many regrets?I have been wrong about many things, but I also believe that it is necessary to make mistakes in order to learn and evolve. I would have liked to have more opportunities at an artistic level, but it has not been possible and I accept it.

Do you have so many unfulfilled dreams?Yes, the truth is that although I usually achieve everything I set out to do, there are dreams that have fallen by the wayside and others for which I am still fighting. I want to succeed outside of Spain and I am working for it.

Do you want to conquer the Americas?Of course! It is a pending issue and in fact I now have a trip to pave the way. I am not only thinking of the United States, but it is also very likely that I will try my luck in Mexico.

They also make her a gay icon…I would love for it to happen like this. I feel very identified with the group because, due to circumstances, I have also often felt misunderstood by society. I am very flattered that fighting people listen to my music and value me.

One of the great hits of pride is their song Crazy, aren’t you fed up?Absolutely. It is impossible to get fed up because it has given me great satisfaction. So much so that every time they ask me to sing it, it moves me. I’m working on a new version of the song so that Loca, who is part of me, never dies.

Is the ego the condemnation of the artist?Totally. An artist has to be humble because it is a profession with many ups and downs. I have seen great figures fall for acting with arrogance and haughtiness. You have to have your feet on the ground and I do.

Is it hard to be you?Not really. I’m not a star and I don’t understand why people go through life like that. When I finish work I have my life, my puppy, my family and my friends.

Do you have affections within your world?It is very difficult because there is a lot of envy. I have been tripped up too many times and, although there is everything, it is a very complex and hostile world. Yesterday, without going any further, I suffered the rudeness of an artist who made a very unfortunate comment about me.

Do you think they prejudice you?Yes, they have done it too much and for a very long time. And, although it doesn’t affect me in the least now, I think I’ve paid a very high price for being who I am. People don’t know me at all and are actually surprised when they scratch a little bit. I have been typecast in a profile that is not mine. I don’t deny anything I’ve done, but I’m an artist and I’ve played all the sticks. I don’t understand that people try to offend me because I always act with love.

I feel pain talking about this…It hurts me that, with everything that has happened to us as a society, there are such foolish people. In any case, now I feel very free and without too many burdens on me. If I have suffered for anything, it has been because of the damage caused to my family.

Are they your refuge?Unquestionably. My family helps me, understands me, supports me and protects me. I don’t like to talk about dramas or sad things, but when I have a problem I always turn to them. And if I have to cry, I call my sister and we cry together.

Don’t you have a love to fall back on?Not at the moment, but I am open to meeting the man of my life. In any case, I am aware that I have not had any luck in this area. I am very romantic and they have loved me little, much less than what I have wanted. Maybe that’s why I’ve never been married.

Are men afraid of her?I think the character scares them, but I don’t understand why they haven’t wanted to know me as I really am, without illusions. It is true that it continues to generate some rejection that a woman is attractive, independent and that she has a life exposed in the media, but I still believe in love and I trust it. And that I’ve had a really bad time, but time puts everyone in their place and helps heal wounds.

Are you happy?Right now I am. I lack love, that’s true, but I have health, my family is close by and I work. There have been difficult moments, of course, but now I think I am going through a calm and happy stage.

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