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In spring 2023 it will debut Zelda: BotW 2, the long-awaited sequel to the title that amazed the world in 2017. Since its announcement, the expectation and speculation surrounding the project have taken over covers and headlines around the world. However, less than a year after its launch, the secrecy surrounding the project is so great that we still don’t know the title of the sequel.

At the end of March, Paul Gale echoed the possible name of the second installment of breath of the wild. According to Gale, Nintendo would have in mind to title the future game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Dualitya name with which, in addition to referring to the «breath» already presented in the prequel, it would allude to the possibility of playing with duality.

At this point, unfortunately, it is unknown what Gale meant by that “duality”. On the one hand, many point to the most literal translation of the word, being able to live a situation that would place us at a crossroads; on the other, another important sector prefers to believe in the ability to play as Zelda and “retire” good old Link during part of the adventure.

For this reason, today we wanted to review the little information that exists so far and, with it, draw our predictions about what we will see in the sequel. Only time—and what Nintendo has in mind—will determine whether or not we were right.

What we expect to see in Zelda: BotW 2: an interconnected story, an ancient curse, “two” Hyrule and much more

Welcome to The Legend of Zelda Loop

Much has been speculated since the debut of the first trailer for the sequel to breath of the wild. When this one saw the light, the world had not even faced a pandemic that changed life as we know it. However, the years have passed and, through global paralysis, we have had time to reflect and analyze each excerpt advanced by Nintendo.

Two things stood out from the first trailer: the sinister presence under the castle and how it rose into the sky. Of the first, until now, there are more conjectures, hypotheses and theories than realities; of the second, after what was seen in the following presentation, there are already more lights than shadows (a situation that has made fans of the series happy).

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Thus, from that gloomy —and apparently cursed— figure that left us speechless in the first preview of the sequel to breath of the wild Much has been said and written. Some point to Ganondorf, the eternal villain of the franchise who, although he was defeated in the first part, could have found a way to stay alive in the second. Others, however, they think we are facing the legendary hero and that this, unfortunately, is imprisoned by a curse that keeps him under Hyrule castle.

Both theories, especially the second, have caused that, added to the clothes Link wears when he explores the heights of Hyrulean important part of the community speaks of a plot based on a loop. Thus, when we see Link in the upper area of ​​the map, it is possible that we are witnessing events from the past. And, therefore, it is likely that who we are handling is not the hero of the first installment but to the character who is cursed under the castle.

In short, this would cause us to immerse ourselves in a start and end loop that would connect both installments. Thus, at the end of the events of the first title, we would experience those of the sequel and, at the end of this one, we would come across what we saw in breath of the wild. We personally believe that this is a risky bet that would revolutionize the franchise. Therefore, we would be delighted to see two installments that play with loops and time with such mastery.

The revolution born of destruction

When it comes to gameplay, we expect a lot from Zelda: BotW 2. After what was seen in the first installment, the logical thing is that, although such a great revolution is not experienced, we do see several additions that will improve the formula.

One of them will be linked, inevitably, to the new artifact Link carries on his arm. After apparently saying goodbye to the Sheikah stone, the hero of Hyrule will have all these artifacts integrated into a device that he wears on his arm. However, this detail is added to another that is impossible to ignore: the protagonist’s hand is corrupted.

Thus, in the last two previews, it has been seen that the right part of the character’s upper body looks somewhat different. Although, at the moment, it is unknown what Nintendo has in hand, many believe that Link is the victim of a curse. Therefore, the hero would have such a worn appearance and would also have a hand that looks more careless. Without a doubt, if said curse is confirmed, such a dark element could alter the playable conception that we would have with Link.

Another relevant aspect is the destruction of the Master Sword, the quintessential weapon to kill Ganondorf. Finding itself destroyed, it is possible that it has already fulfilled its function and that in this installment we run into an even greater danger. Unfortunately, to end this we will not have our beloved sword.

To all this, we must also add the existence of two Hyrule: the earthly and the heavenly. On the one hand, we will find the one we already know, the one we already covered in the first installment; on the other, there will be the Hyrule of the skies, a novelty that will give us access to options unknown until now. Thus, with height as a new playable element, this will bring with it many possibilities that were not present in the first title.

The “duality” that will put us in the shoes of Zelda?

This is perhaps the biggest wish of the players in the series. For decades, many have wanted to put themselves in the shoes of Zelda, the character that gives the franchise its name. However, for some reason or another, it seems that this possibility does not materialize. Nevertheless, the possibility may be closer than we think.

When Paul Gale talked about duality, he gave a little nod to Zelda. Unfortunately, Gale didn’t delve further into his information, but it left a good taste in fans’ mouths. And if to all this, in addition, we add Zelda’s new personalitythe situation seems to be on the right track.

Until now, playing as the princess was more of a dream than a reality. Nevertheless, breath of the wild He presented us with a Zelda capable of confronting her fears and, at the same time, fighting them. Unlike seen in other titles in the series, Zelda was no longer a helpless princess. Now, luckily for the followers of the character, she is a figure capable of fend for herself.

For this reason, many hope that this sequel will allow us, even for a moment, to put ourselves in the shoes of Zelda. to make it come true, Zelda: BotW 2 it would become, like its prequel, a revolutionary adventure. At the moment, only the Big N knows if this is real or not. And, until she confirms it —or she denies it—, the community hopes that a dream that has lasted for many decades will come true.

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And you, what do you expect from the sequel to breath of the wild? Do you think it will live up to the first installment? How do you think it will be titled? Will you present us with a story that is part of a loop? Whatever your opinion, we will be happy to read it in the comments.

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