'Heroes' in front of schoolchildren

‘Heroes’ in front of schoolchildren

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“It was time to make a heroic effort.” Without a doubt, it was not an easy afternoon for the right-handers this Saturday at the Bull Fair. And with those words the Mexican valued it precisely Joselito Adame, one of the two debutant bullfighters yesterday in the Pamplona bullring. The horns of Joseph Scholastic They offered few options for showing off the right-handers, who gave up without being able to cut any trophy.

“This is how he played before these bulls and in this plaza. It was also my first time with this iron, but I think super important things have been seen in my evolution as a bullfighter”, Adame pointed out. “I live a good moment, I am very lucid of ideaswith things clear and knowing each step why I take it”, he added.

Another of the two debutants, the Madrilenian Javier Cortes, was “delighted” to be in the Plaza de Pamplona. “I’ve been enjoying myself all day, and I hope to continue enjoying the afternoon. Happy and wanting to do the paseo ”, he ventured from the horse yard before the fight began. “Torear in Pamplona is something very beautiful, I think it has been dreamed of by all bullfighters. It means being present at the Feria del Toro, the most international fair in terms of bullfighting”, he considered.

By the end of the afternoon, he was somewhat more upset. “I have tried to find the possibilities of the bulls, and I think I have succeeded. My second bull was better behavedI didn’t bite it much, but it has come a long way, and the pity is that it hasn’t fallen with the blow”, he said.

The rancher, José Escolar, in statements to the Movistar Bullfighting Channel, said that “the bulls have done what they could.” “It was such a serious and strong bullfight that he lacked delivery. But in behavior it has not been difficult, except for the fifth. I would have expected much more, ”he defended.

He was treated in the infirmary Jose Alberto Aponte ‘Candelas’, subordinate of the gang Ruben Pinar, after the fight on the fifth in the afternoon, due to a bruise on his right elbow. He first suffered a roll in the third of banderillas, and then tripped and fell under the bull’s legs when it already had the matador’s sword inside.

As a curious fact, the three right-handers chose the color white as a base for your outfit. Two dressed in white and gold (Adame and Cortés), and the third (Pinar), in white and silver.

The bullfight was also followed, from the bullring in the alley, by the three bullfighters who fight today: Rafaelillo, Manuel Escribano and Leo Valadez.


In a crowded horse yard, the presence of a group of residents of the Casa de Misericordia in Pamplona stood out. “I have been invited by Mecca and I am delighted to be here. It is my third day in the bullring and I am very fond of bullfighting”, assured Mª Paz Arnedo Bienzobas, 83 years old and from Larraga, minutes before the start of the bullfight.

Also there was, accompanied by the Pamplona illustrator Mikel Urmeneta, the Mexican Carlos Manríquez. At 50 years old, and a native of Tijuana, he has been coming to Sanfermines “since 2002”. “I come to the bullfight every day, I have subscription. And I run the running of the bulls too when I can”, he explained, adding that he accumulates some “frights” in this morning run “in 2011, 2015 and 2019”. To demonstrate his love of bullfighting, he sported a tattoo of a horn that occupied his entire forearm.

A few days ago, the José Escolar ranch had withdrawn bull nº 40 Cazador II, a 510 kg meano bragado bull (it was announced yesterday, by mistake, in this newspaper). Instead, the running of the bulls and running of the bulls were carried out by No. 21, Diputado, a 560-kilogram black entrepelado. The latter was fought yesterday in third place by Javier Cortés.

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