Electric car: Lidl's new product that goes on sale in Germany

Electric car: Lidl’s new product that goes on sale in Germany

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The market of electric vehicles keep growing. In recent months, various brands of the automotive sector have carried out a determined bet for its development that has been translated into the announcement of new models of cars and the realization of millionaire investments in the industry.

This trend is not limited to the private sector. From the institutions too has been encouraged to buy of this type of car through packages of measures such as Plan Moves IIIwhich promotes the acquisition of electric cars and the installation of new charging points.

Lidl and its electric car

Recently, one of the companies that has joined the sale of electric cars is Lidl. Although the supermarket chain is usually associated with products related to food or the home, it is also important in other fields such as fashion or sports, in Germany has made the leap to car sales and offers Elaris Finn model.

It is not, far from it, a product that you can find in Lidl stores in the country. The vehicle offer has only been available through the Lidl Plus app. This is due to the fact that the company has an intermediary relationship with ‘like2drive’, which is the one who carries out the final operation.

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If it is done through the Lidl application, yes, the client benefits from a discount from the original price, which is currently around 20,000 euros. for now, there is no information about a possible sale in Lidl Spain.

a two-seater model

As specified in the vehicle data provided by the brand itself, the Elaris Finn is a two-seater car 2.87 meters long, 1.56 meters wide and 1.57 meters high. Among its most outstanding features are the charging speed, of just one hour, and its zero polluting emissions. It can reach a maximum speed of 115 kilometers per hour.

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