Consuming food like this could lengthen life

Consuming food like this could lengthen life

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Eating a balanced, healthy diet, low in fat and in the indicated portions, is one of the best ways to take care of your health, if it is accompanied by regular exercise and other types of healthy habits such as avoiding excess tobacco and alcohol .

Food is crucial for the body to stay healthy and it is key to include, for example, fruits and vegetables, of which the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends consuming at least 400 grams daily to obtain its benefits. nutritious and healthy.

This is ratified by a guide established by experts from the Harvard School of Public Health, who advise that half of what a consumer eats each day should be fruits and vegetables, a quarter of the plate should be made up of whole grains, and the remaining quarter it should be represented in proteins such as fish, chicken, legumes and nuts.

In addition to following these recommendations, it is key to take into account the way food is consumed. One of the best and healthiest ways to do it is by eating them raw, according to specialists, as this ensures that the vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants they provide enter the body in a better way.

An article published on the Body Mind portal, by the naturopathic doctor Pedro Ródenas, indicates that “consuming food in its original form, without altering or modifying, with all its known substances and those not yet discovered, is a priority to help maintain homeostasis and the health of cells and tissues”.

It also draws attention to consumers and nutritionists to go beyond the exclusive language of nutrients and calories, and incorporate the concepts of vitality and quality of food, typical of raw and organic.

The foregoing, due to the fact that raw foods, by not undergoing any modification in their intrinsic nature, retain all their nutritional information, which, without a doubt, plays to the benefit of people’s health.

It prevents illnesses

Information from the Consumer portal, from Spain, indicates that increasing the consumption of raw foods prevents various diseases and improves the symptoms of various digestive disorders, such as abdominal swelling, gas, flatulence or dyspepsia.

In addition, it helps delay aging and provides vitality. “This is largely due to the nutrient density of the foods you eat, as they are rich in buffering nutrients and antioxidants.since raw foods contain enzymes that help improve digestion and, thereby, optimize the use of food nutrients”.

According to the aforementioned source, the consumption of raw food makes the person have to chew more, so the digestive process is improved and abdominal complications are avoided. In addition, raw vegetables contain enzymes that help optimize digestion, thus combating dyspepsia and flatulence.

To this is added that a diet rich in raw foods and with a fair supply of animal protein favors the balance between the colonies of microorganisms that live in the intestine.

“The heat to which many foods are subjected during cooking causes their vitamin and antioxidant content to be lost or substantially reduced, and part of their mineral salts remain dissolved in the cooking broth. Although there are exceptions, in general, raw foods contain a higher density of regulatory nutrientswhich are involved in processes of obtaining energy”, specifies Consumer.

As if this were not enough, one of the key aspects of consuming raw food is that it prevents premature aging, which can be accelerated when the body does not consume enough antioxidants to compensate for the oxidizing action of the oxygen that people breathe every day and from free radicals, product of metabolism or environmental exposure.

The fact that the consumption of raw foods helps prevent diseases and protect the body means that people can lengthen their cycle of life, say the specialists, because the risks are minimized.

However, it is important to be clear that not all foods are suitable for eating raw. An article published in the newspaper The vanguard, of Spain, highlights the nutritional contribution of raw vegetables and vegetables, as well as fruits, virgin olive oil or nuts. However, it draws attention to the food safety risks that meats can generate, for example, when consumed without cooking.

The above, due to the presence of bacteria or pathogens that inhabit the animal and that disappear with cooking. With fish and shellfish, some valuable aspects must be taken into account, since not all of them can be consumed raw.

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