Google News: how to follow Telecinco news

Google News: how to follow Telecinco news

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Google News: how to follow Telecinco news, step by step

  • At Telecinco we bring you a basic guide so that you can get the most out of Google News

  • Google’s news aggregator has returned to Spain almost eight years after its abrupt departure

Google news has returned to Spain almost eight years after its abrupt closure in December 2014. This relaunch of Google News in our country has been possible after the Government approved the royal decree law that modified the current Intellectual Property Law to adapt it to the directive Europe.

Now, any Spanish user can consult from their computer or smartphone the main news from all the country’s media and on the same platform.

We explain how to get the most out of this Google functionality so you don’t miss any news.

Guide to using Google News

Google News works as an aggregator of news from other media. When you enter the web link or the mobile application of this service, you will see several modules: one with the featured news, another with local news, one with news related to your tastes and another with topics of interest to you.

In addition, you can have a broad view of current issues by clicking on “Complete coverage of this news”. In this section, Google will show you the same topic from different perspectives and context.

So you can follow Telecinco on Google News

The first step to customize your feed It is based on starting to follow your trusted sources of information.

To do this, you just have to write “Telecinco” in the Google News search bar. Two buttons will appear next to the logo: “Follow” and “Share”. Click continue. From now on you will have selected Telecinco as one of your reference media and it will appear in the “Following” tab.

In addition to information sources, you can also follow topics or locations to indicate to Google which areas are of particular interest to you.

How to customize your feed

Once you’ve made a selection of your preferred sources, topics, and locations, you can further customize your Google News feed.

  • Select your topics of interest. Go to the “your themes” within the Google News home page. Click the button on the right that says “Customize.” There you can choose between two and seven topics of your interest and place them in order of importance.
  • Activate the Google News notifications. In the mobile app, open Google News and click on your profile picture. Tap “News Settings” and “Notifications”. There you can activate or deactivate the type of notifications you want to receive and determine the frequency.
  • Indicates that you like or dislike a piece of news. If you want to see more or less news about a topic, select “More” (three dots) and click “More news like this” or “Less news like this”.
  • Hide news from a source. Search for a story from the source that you no longer want to see news from. Hover over the headline and click “More” (three dots), then “Hide all news from [fuente]”.

You can save the news to read it later

If you’ve seen a story you’re interested in within Google News, but don’t have time to read it right now, you can save it for later. To do this, click on the three dots that appear on the right side of the headline and select “save for later”.

The news you save will be added to the “Following” tab under “Saved News”. When you have already read them, you can remove them from this tab by clicking on “Remove from saved news”.

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