Passes and fails from Valencia: Gattuso's plan broke down in the shootout

Passes and fails from Valencia: Gattuso’s plan broke down in the shootout

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Mamardashvili: He was the savior in the final stretch, a giant. He forced overtime with a great save on Vinicius in one-on-one. In extra time, he made another save for Vinicus after a shot from the Brazilian from the edge. He reappeared with another great stretch from a shot from Kroos. In the shootout, he touched Modric’s penalty, but not enough.

Thierry: He demonstrated his power in an action with Vinicius. He endured the race like a titan. That gave him confidence to contain the Brazilian until the last moment. A bug that resisted all the attacks.

Cenk: Serious and reliable, as almost always. It went from less to more because shortly after starting Rodrygo won his back. I was lucky that the Brazilian lost the last control. Great match from one of Gattuso’s mainstays.

Comert: He lacked a few centimeters to leave Benzema offside in the 1-0 action. The Frenchman beat him back and then took the penalty. Unlucky in that action. Like all of Valencia, it finished at a high level. He assumed the responsibility of taking the second penalty of the shootout and sent it to the clouds.

Gayà: After a great game, he failed in the shootout after taking his penalty very badly. Reliable at the back and dangerous in attack. From his boots, one of Valencia’s best actions in the first part was born thanks to a measured cross to Cavani. In overtime, he hit Hugo Duro with another candy. He finished very well physically.

Side: One of those who leaves Riyadh very strengthened. His presence as a winger on the right wing was one of Gattuso’s great surprises. The youth squad complied and with a note. He had a clear one, but got tangled up and claimed a penalty from Courtois. In the second part, he grew to be one of the best. He gave Lino the assist with a great cross. He ended up busted in overtime.

Yunus: The North American was forceful in the midfield and showed calm in the coverage and in the ball outs from behind. He bit ankles and pressed to the end. In extra time, he said enough was enough and had to be substituted.

Almeida: It goes to more in each game. Everything is done judiciously. A lot of quality to give fluidity to the Valencia game. He ended up giving a lesson in the midfield, typical of a leader with many stripes. He had to ask for the change, exhausted in the extension.

Kluivert: His presence on the left wing was another novelty. He had to play stuck to the lime. In several phases, he did well and caused Lucas Vázquez to have to pay attention. Gattuso changed the first one.

Linen: He equalized the clash as soon as the second part began. He read Lato’s center very well to finish off at the far post with his shin. He played higher than usual, as a false ‘9 ′, almost close to Cavani. He ended up exhausted and in pain after a great game.

Cavani: One of those that never forgives failed after a header, to the center of Gayà. Later, she was seen the most hard-working version of her. Match full of effort and sacrifice far from the area, its natural habitat. He was the first to shoot in the round and did not miss.

Gattuso’s changes

Hugo Hard: It was Gattuso’s first change. He was seen little in attack.

Frank Perez: He had glory in his boots at 110 ‘, but he ran into Courtois. The youth squad, son of Rufete, shone with his own light. Speed, quality and self-confidence against a bone like Carvajal.

Foulquier: Another change from Gattuso to reinforce the wide part of the field. He gave strength to the team in some delicate moments.

Ilaix: It was the replacement for Lato. He gave some muscle to the midfield. In addition, he filtered a good pass to Fran Pérez in extra time. He took the third penalty with calm and class.

Guillamón: He came out at 115 ‘. No time. His was the fourth penalty of the shootout and he scored it with class.

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