Review Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak (Switch): Here come the bugs again!  - Geek Culture

Review Monster Hunter Rise Sunbreak (Switch): Here come the bugs again! – Geek Culture

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Monter Hunter Rise Sunbreak is a DLC that elevates the experience of the main game and fully exploits the differential proposal of the game. We tell you everything in this review!

Monster Hunter Rise Sunset is the new expansion that comes to complement and extend the experience that we live there for April 2021 on Switch. This time with simultaneous release on PC. More quests, more monsters and more action…we played it on the console Nintendo and we want to tell you what we saw…

First a bit of context…

Monster Hunter Rise Sunset it is not a game by itself, but a DLC of monster hunter rise. The last game in the series monster hunter It proposes a more “vertical” gameplay than the previous one, where exploration is quite essential to fulfill our missions.

With an interesting visual section, this game transports us to the central base of the village of Kamura and gives us two furry companions for our trip. A Feline, which is basically a kitten and a Canye what is a dog. They will help us fulfill our missions. The goal is to complete them all and get the best armor sets. The game is complete with an online component that allows you to hunt with your friends for a better experience.

Beyond that, it has an extremely simple premise: take a quest, complete it and return to the village to buy/craft/upgrade equipment. This dynamic is fully respected in the version with the DLC.

What’s new about Sunbreak?

Play monster hunter it is very similar to starting a relationship and we already said it in the PC review. Yes, I swear that we are not writing this note under the influence of any type of narcotic. With great pleasure to an online game type MMORPG, monster hunter rise It offers you something very simple: You can play a lot one day or dedicate a little to it whenever you can. Start a mission, complete it, and get on with your day. Contrary to what you did with your exif you take care of the relationship you can have a game that lasts even months without getting bored.

But the reality is that as in any relationship, sometimes things get a bit monotonous and seem unfunny. In real life, couples often come up with new things to experiment with…in a game, we give you more bugs to beat them to death. The phrase “Gorda, I’ll kill a whale with flip flops for you” was never so real.

sun break it is a fresh wind to a end game that you had probably already abandoned. transports us to elgado, our new base where we will prepare for the hunt. The town comes equipped with everything you need, so you can stay there and not have to come back. Unless you need to farm some material that you have left pending on the other islands, which can happen.

Elgado It comes with some improvements and new things to discover. Some dangos with effect destinations, new decorations for our armors and rank armors Teacher to forge. This stretches the game’s lifespan a great deal. In each of the parts of this new center you will find something new, some skill to improve, some system to test.

It also incorporates new abilities, mutated cordoptera, and improved systems to the base game, giving a much more comprehensive and in-depth experience.

And of course, new maps. We have here a jungle and a citadel. The Jungle, the first map and which we can access until we reach Master rank, is small but has its secrets. Exploration will show us how much detail the developers put into the maps. Once reached the Master rank, we can explore the Citadel, that will find us with greater challenges.

sun break adds difficulty to the challenge. We will have new monsters, monsters that come back from other editions, and stronger versions of monsters that we already saw on the first island. Perhaps the latter are the most abundant, causing the DLC to lose some small quality points.

But beyond this, there is much content to discover in Elgado. We also have new types of Missions, being one of the most outstanding the “Follow Up” which is about going hunting with non-playable characters. This gives it a different flavor. especially if you are one of those who do not have friends and that is why you have to play in single player. Don’t feel bad, we don’t have friends and we can’t play it in multiplayer.

The remarkable thing about this DLC is that it makes you really take advantage of the new mechanics that rise proposes you: the buffs of the different animals that you will find on the map will become a key strategy when fighting monsters. The “chordoattacks” they will become a necessity rather than an accessory mechanic. The pack really brings out everything the game was about at first.

Should I buy Sunbreak?

To begin with, we have to note that monster hunter rise -base game- is an extremely grinder. That is, many times we will be forced to spend hours and hours in a location killing the same bug to get the components we need for our new set of armor. With this said, you can already imagine that the 20 hours that he proposes HowLongtoBeat where you can finish the game are a great simplification of everything you really have to do. It is very likely that before reaching Sunbreak properly, you will play 70 or even 100 hours.

What does this mean? that if you haven’t played the first one yet, maybe a lot will happen -but much- time until you need the second -and maybe, if you don’t hurry too much, you can grab it on sale-.

For everything else, it is a game that keeps the saga alive and redefines the first. Therefore, the answer is Yes.


As we always say, not all games are for everyone. Monster Hunter Rise is a slow game that requires a lot of dedication and faces repetitive mechanics when trying to farm the materials for our best equipment. If you are aware of that, it is a fun RPG that will give you constant challenges. There is so much to learn in the base game, it will keep you entertained for a long time.

sun break comes to revive the base game and give it a “nudge” so you can enjoy it much more. If you already finished the first one and liked it, we would tell you that this DLC is almost a must for you to buy. It will take at least 60 hours to beat him, so keep canceling all your weekend programs.

Monster Hunter Rise + Sunbreak Game Cover Art : r/MonsterHunter

RELEASE DATE June 30, 2022
PC and Nintendo Switch

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