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Ferrari explains why Sainz stopped and not Leclerc with the Safety Car

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After a hectic start to the race in which Ferrari saw Carlos Sainz lose and regain the lead, the team found itself with an unexpected threat, that of Lewis Hamilton.

ferrari He asked the Spanish driver to give up the position to Charles Leclerc after verifying that the Monegasque had more pace after his first stops. hamilton He started in third position after his pit stop, but gradually caught up with the two F1-75.

A safety car with 14 laps to go caused a flurry of pit stops, but the Italian team opted to keep then-race leader on track, Leclerccalling the garage only at sainz to fit a new set of soft tires.

The #16 radioed that it would be “difficult” to keep the other cars behind on soft tyres, and it was. After losing the lead to Sainz after the restart of the race, he was also overtaken by Sergio Pérez and Lewis Hamilton.

Leclerc He acknowledged after the race that it was “disappointing” to have missed out on victory, having seen his main title rival Max Verstappen finish seventh due to chasos damage.

When asked by why Ferrari called Sainz instead of Leclerc, the team principal, Mattia Binottosaid they were “too close to stop them both”, and being aware that the Monegasque was on newer tyres, they kept him on track.

How was the race and how are the world championships?:

“There wasn’t enough space between them to stop both of them, because the second one would have lost a lot of time and would have dropped several positions,” he said. Binotto.

“Why then did we decide to stop Carlos? Because Charles had the track position. He was leading, so he would have remained the race leader.

“His tires were fresher compared to Carlos. He had I think six or seven laps less.

“And Carlos, by stopping and being second, could have protected himself at least in the first corners, because we knew that going out with the hard ones, it would have been a little more difficult. That was the reason why we made that decision.

“We were expecting more degradation from the soft tyres. We knew Charles would have a rough three or four laps at the start but would pick it up later, but the soft didn’t degrade as much as we expected.

Binotto thought that the decisions of ferrari about the race strategy were “the correct and appropriate ones at all times”.

“If we had stopped, maybe the others would have been left out and he would have started fourth on soft tires but with all these cars ahead of him,” said the Swiss.

“Would I have gotten those positions back? I’m not sure. I think in hindsight it’s always easy to say we could have done something different.”

“Once again a safety car came out at the wrong time, because we were comfortably leading the race at the time.

Charles Leclerc, Ferrari, in Parc Ferme

Binotto Y Leclerc they were caught on camera talking immediately after the race at Silverstone, but the Ferrari team principal said he was just trying to comfort him.

“I knew he was disappointed and frustrated, which is understandable because he was comfortably leading the race and felt good going really fast by the time the safety car came out.

“And for him today was a great opportunity in terms of his championship chances, because he was leading while Max was having some problems.

“So when the safety car came out, he had a tough end to the race and there’s no question he was disappointed.

“So when I spoke to him, I knew he was disappointed. But what I told him is that he had a fantastic race.”

“I just told him to keep calm, because the way he drove was fantastic.”

“Today he was unlucky again, because for a safety car to come out when you’re leading with a few laps to go, that’s bad luck. And I think generally that’s why I think we just try not to be there. too disappointed”, concluded the ferrari.

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